Monday, December 19, 2011

I Do Other Things Besides Cookies...

Hey kids....

Like I said, I do other things besides cookies.... Here's a few paintings and etchings I've done in the past month =]
This is from a plate I made... If you're sorta clueless as to what that means... It's when you etch with acid into a metal plate [about 1/4in] I don't have any of my plates here at the house because I left them in my locker till next year when I decided to do this stuff to myself again.
This is a watercolor EDITION VARIANT, I changed up the colors you normally see a squid as to see if it would read differently...I originally made one with a red squid and blue water but traded that with a friend of mine for a nice mono print on handmade Japanese tissue paper...

This jellyfish painting I finished pretty fast it's based off a photo but I didn't feel like going super in depth with all the paint mixing, this is acrylic paint if you were wondering. I'm sure one of you out there was thinking about it, the one up top with the panam bag is also acrylic! now you know. aren't you excited!

Next up we have my RAY GUN series... I think I may even end up doing more... who knows
"Planet Patrol Gun"


"Atomic Jet Gun"

"Smoke-ring Gun"

"Prototype Model"

All of my ray gun's will have edition variants, when I get time I'll post those up for you too. This series of guns are all etchings... next up I'm going to get some clay food posted for you!


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