Monday, December 12, 2011

D.C.B. Candy Cane Cookies

Hello everyone!

Today's cookie is a Peppermint Candy Cane... this cookie looks really cool, which is why I wanted to make it. You may think it's simple, which I thought mistakenly... This cookie sucks to make! First off if you use shortening it makes the dough almost fluffy... At first I thought it would be ok, I was wrong.

What happens when the dough is fluffy you ask? Well let me tell you... it falls apart AND it dries out! It sucks to work with especially if you have to roll it into a cane. Gah! I'm glad it looks cute because the effort that goes into is almost not worth it.

Also if you think you're going to skip it getting dry by using shortening, that's what i used so no, it doesn't work so well. As for buttery versions of this, when they're baked they get hard from all the handling! In the end I'm not exactly sure how you would get this to come out to a nice looking cookie. The taste is nice and almondy with a little sugar peppermint crunch on top, surprisingly good!


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