Sunday, December 11, 2011

D.C.B. Gingersnaps

Hello everyone!

Today is a Gingersnap! I made this one with shortening instead of butter to see what the difference would be... Soooo what I figured out was, you don't get very snappy gingersnaps with shortening, unless you want to burn them.

If you use butter you get a nice snap... Of course I decided to make a GingerSNAP with no snap. So if anyone is about to make gingersnaps with shortening, think again! What you get in the end is a cakey chewy gingersnap... which at that point should be called a ginger... chew? It's good but it's more like a Gingerbread cookie than a Gingersnap. I think I may retry this recipe later for good measure.

The red stuff on top are sprinkles, because who doesn't like crunchy bits of sugar? This cookie is chewy and it's lovely, however you're going to need a glass of milk when you're done.


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