Thursday, December 8, 2011

D.C.B. Chocolate Chip Pecan

Hello everyone.

You all know this cookie, at least you should... Unless, you grew up under a rock. In that case welcome to upper ground, this is a chocolate chip and pecan cookie. Well, it's a chocolate chip pecan and toffee cookie to be exxxact. It's my twist on the classic. why you ask? because I can.

If you weren't in love with the description immediately, I'll repeat myself... Chocolate Chip Pecan and Toffee.... Now that I said that, hopefully the awesomeness that is this cookie sank in. This is by far one of my FAVORITE cookies, ever. The classic is fine, especially if it's homemade don't get me wrong... But pecan's and toffee send it over the top! The pecan's have a nice light sweet flavor and compliments the caramelized toffee, CARAMELIZED toffee!!! It's crunchy salty and sweet, what's not to love!? ...unless you're allergic to pecans of course then, it may not be as wonderful for you. However I am not allergic, and currently I'm in the kitchen stuffing my face with these tasty little things.

The house smells like fresh baked cookies, and what's more Christmasy than a plate of chocolate chip cookies waiting for Santa?...The answer is nothing, nothing is more Christmasy than chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk waiting for Santa, nothing.


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