Saturday, December 3, 2011

D.C.B. Chocolate Crinkles!

Today I made:
Chocolate Crinkles!

Hello all!

You guys know the date so this is cookie number 3! It's the first time I've ever made these and they don't really look like what I wanted them to...

Since it was my first time working with these cookies I really had no idea what to expect, I was half expecting something cakey. They turned out like a chocolate amaretti, nice light little packages of chocolate flavored air with a caramelized bottom. They are inhaled so quickly you hardly have time to even realize you're even eating a cookie by the time its gone... you're just left with a taste of something sweet.

As all cookies go, you will have your issues. Today mine was this... I made cookies to the size of the recipe BUT they took up the whole pan! If you notice the cookie on the right has a bit of a flat side where I had to break it away from the rest of the bunch. The Crinkle on the left is actually HALF the size of the one on the right, in all I got exactly 80 of the large and 80 of the small.

If you ever need a light cookie with a cup of tea or some morning coffee, this would definitely foot the bill! Not to mention, THERE IS NO BUTTER in this cookie, kind of amazing if you ask me... There may just be a new house favorite here.


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