Friday, December 2, 2011

D.C.B. Holiday Spritz!

Hello, it's now day two of my December Cookie Bender, and not having a camera that works with your laptop is kinda a pain in the butt. I thought maybe I could download the app for Blogger, and that's exactly what I did! However, it kept freezing and crashing on me.... So I've been spending 2hours figuring out how to post without bugging people for help.

...and this is what I came up with. Take pictures with my super awesome camera phone that likes to freeze and crash on me, then email it to myself, BECAUSE I have some weird issue with my phone that won't let me update and won't put my pictures on my computer so, email is really the only way to go here. These were the best pictures my camera would take so enjoy!

Hopefully you guys have seen these things before on a table spread at friend or family members house during the holidays. Perhaps you may have seen these passing a Christmas display somewhere... I'll let you think about it for a minute...

Today I made Holiday Spritz

Usually you will see these around during the Christmas season... at least I always take notice of them when I see them, they scream Christmas! These are super fun to make, I have a cookie gun for them so that kind of explains the excitement =D In the end I had to make two batches because it was so entertaining! I tried to lay out all the shapes I made so you can get a good look at them. If you've never had them and wonder what they taste like, it tastes like a shortbread cookie! They aren't hard crunchy cookies either, they have a nice tender buttery center... I can hear you saying yum over there. If you've seen Holiday Spritz but never tried them you should definitely reconsider, they are delicious!


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