Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Hey everyone!

This past year has been more than a little insane for me, so I wanted to give you some updates on whats been going on. First off I got a concussion in January that set me back way further than I could ever imagine (relearning to read and write, not to mention how to figure out colors again) it has been quiet the journey. I have an INSTAGRAM which is SQUIDBACON. I will be changing my name over to SquidBacon officially end of December 2016/ January 2017. So if you have an old card with information on it, hopefully this post will help you find me again.


Instagram: SquidBacon

Shop: Sugar Addict Creations


...just search for me, I will pop up. Hilary Orr - SquidBacon

Friday, April 18, 2014

Wonder con!

Hey everyone! I'm here at wonder con Anaheim... I'm in artist alley 115. Come visit me. I may even be working on some of my new bento boxes! Here's a peak at how they're coming along 
I have really enjoyed the whole process from the beginning 
Believe it or not... I made the boxes too! 
IF you would like to see MORE process pictures or just what I'm working on at the moment check out my Instagram-SquidBacon is the name to look for. 

See you all soon!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Crunchy chocolate cookies!

Today's cookie was.....

SUPER CRUNCHY lol.... It has a sort of crumbly texture.... Perfect for your tea in the morning, or if you're like me, hot chocolate. This sturdy little cookie will pack easily and surely make it in one piece on a cross country trip... And it will be soon. It will also be making its way across the street and a few hours down the coast line to friends in Southern California.


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Buttery Pecan Crisps

Hey all! 

Today's cookie was a buttery pecan crisp! It melts in your mouth and you can taste the butter Mmmm and who doesn't like butter!? Tonight was super cold, so it seemed only natural to make a cookie that would fill the air with its heavenly aroma.... Toasted pecans and butter coming together for this delicate little treat.


REMEMBER... If you want any recipes message me! 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Blackberry Macaroons [real]

Hey all!

I have had this obsession with berry fillings lately... this is a blackberry filling. I tried to color these lavender, however as you can tell its a very pale lavender at best... Next time around i'll go add a drop or two more to the batter, which is white and when it cooks you assume it will come out the same color... but when you bake you ALWAYS loose color _-_ oi vey! So... in true form they lost color, and I burnt them a bit, WHICH IS REALLY EASY TO DO(if you didn't know haha) and they lost even more color... Next time around it should be better... Also did you know free handing macaroon shells is a skill all it's own, all my shells are different sizes... I swore they looked the same on the pan.


Monday, December 2, 2013

Chocolate Macaroons [real]

Hey everyone...

It's true, the macaroon bug has bitten me and now.... CHOCOLATE MACAROONS!!! ...I have a feeling I'm going to get very carried away with these little bites. They melt in your mouth and before you know it, it's gone.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pumpkin Pie Macaroons [real]

Hello everyone!

I made some pumpkin pie macaroons this year... I was feeling the Thanksgiving spirit and got to work on something new but still screamed holidays! I came up with a filling that tasted just like a pumpkin pie cloud.... THIS IS MY FIRST ATTEMPT AT MACAROONS... and I was SO worried that they would not have feet (that's the little bubbly part at the bottom) However to my surprise they rose! I was ecstatic!!!! I suppose the thing I haven't mentioned is that, I have been reading anything and everything about macaroons for MONTHS, and sadly that's not an exaggeration. I heard so many scary stories about messing them up that I didn't want to fail at something so beautiful and delicate.

All and all it was a success and I'm glad I got over my jitters and went for it, now I feel like I caught a bug; I'm hooked! What macaroon can I make next!?