Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pumpkin Pie Macaroons [real]

Hello everyone!

I made some pumpkin pie macaroons this year... I was feeling the Thanksgiving spirit and got to work on something new but still screamed holidays! I came up with a filling that tasted just like a pumpkin pie cloud.... THIS IS MY FIRST ATTEMPT AT MACAROONS... and I was SO worried that they would not have feet (that's the little bubbly part at the bottom) However to my surprise they rose! I was ecstatic!!!! I suppose the thing I haven't mentioned is that, I have been reading anything and everything about macaroons for MONTHS, and sadly that's not an exaggeration. I heard so many scary stories about messing them up that I didn't want to fail at something so beautiful and delicate.

All and all it was a success and I'm glad I got over my jitters and went for it, now I feel like I caught a bug; I'm hooked! What macaroon can I make next!?


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