Monday, November 2, 2009

Russell From UP Needs A Sash!

A friend wanted to be Russell from UP... and needed a sash, I told him I would make it. BUT being the very nerdy perfectionist that I am... I had to get every badge as close as I could to Russell's.

These are all the badges... some are unfinished in the pictures.

Wilderness Explorer badge...

Wilderness Explorer flag...


I just wanted to remind you what Russell looks like, and make you see at a picture that I stared at for HOURS to get the badges correct.

Doesn't he hella look like Russell!?!? I'm very proud of his sash and badges...and flag.... I'm still blown away by the similarity, aren't you?

Dang, I shoulda posted a group Halloween picture...Next time.
<3 Hil O.


So just glancing at this picture there's apples, nuts....and CANDY CORN!? Wtf!? I know it says "Candy apple platter" but, since when to children want candy corn and wee bits of liquorish on SLICES of apple dipped in caramel? Why cant they just stab an apple and dip it? I don't count a candy apple as a slice of apple and a tub of caramel...They are failing.

I went to a craft store and THIS fabric was just out there to get everyone in a gay mood for the holiday. I'm kinda speechless really.... Did anyone else know that this existed?

No this isn't my art but still...wth man, wth!?
<3 Hil O.

TinTin's Got Her Nails DID!

^.^ Her nails say Tin Tin

"LADY GAGA" on her thumbs

This is where you ooo and ahh =]

If you're gunna do something, do it big!

Good EARLY morning ladies and gents! I've been lagging on getting posts up on time... so here we go. These are my friend Tin Tin's nails that I did for her... I know a few people wanted to see how they turned out, so here they are for your viewing pleasure. Art on nails whoda thunk it!? I'll post pictures of the nails I have on soon too don't worry, hopefully you're not losing sleep over it =P

<3 Hil O.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Birth of PRONTO

EL DOUCHO wearing the PRONTO shirt

The final product =]
Step one the background
Screen two is inked up and ready to go
Screen one the first step of many

Pronto lives! Who's Pronto you ask? ...The FIRST in a series of shirts

Here is the process from beginning to end
If you got a shirt send me a pic [] so I can post it...Don't be shy you know you want to.

<3 Hilary O.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Screening of SILK

I recently got into silk screening here is the process of what can be done in one night... Were going to go from the bottom up are ya ready kids? The picture of two skulls on the bottom is a rough draft and a final draft of what I want to put on my screen. I used a process which is basically like making a positive directly on my screen. The next picture is getting the placement of the skull right with the design in the background. The third picture is actually with the majority of the print done I have put down a yellow background, on top of that I put down the green boarders and last would be the skull blob in purple. In silk screening you have to work backwards with the colors, light to dark. The next picture is of the drying rack which is holding my prints ^.^ The second to last picture is the final color on top of the skull in red.... and the very last picture is my image melting off the screen... time for a new print.


Thursday, June 4, 2009


This is a set of cupcakes I was just playing around with. There will be more cupcakes for the palooza soon...

Hilary Orr

1st Entry Into The Blog Universe

New and old inner workings of my brain....
I'm so excited to finally have a blog to post my art, I always wanted people to see my art I just didn't really know where to start. So I'm going to put all different kinds of art on here, so be prepared! AND thus concludes my first entry into the blogging universe.

Hilary Orr