Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Blackberry Macaroons [real]

Hey all!

I have had this obsession with berry fillings lately... this is a blackberry filling. I tried to color these lavender, however as you can tell its a very pale lavender at best... Next time around i'll go add a drop or two more to the batter, which is white and when it cooks you assume it will come out the same color... but when you bake you ALWAYS loose color _-_ oi vey! So... in true form they lost color, and I burnt them a bit, WHICH IS REALLY EASY TO DO(if you didn't know haha) and they lost even more color... Next time around it should be better... Also did you know free handing macaroon shells is a skill all it's own, all my shells are different sizes... I swore they looked the same on the pan.


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