Monday, December 17, 2012

Log Cake! And Peppermint Candies

DECEMBER BLENDER! Day.... Whatever it is today....

Ok boys and girls I've been gone for a few days since I got my wisdom teeth out. The pain killers they gave me were way too much, so I was bed ridden for a few days couldn't move and felt super dizzy and sick to my stomach the whole time.... But when I stopped taking them.... TA-da! All better! Anyway didn't want to keep you waiting for my little clay works... I'll be doubling up to make up for lost time. Some days may have two posts or maybe one post but picture two things.... You get the drift.

I made peppermint candies and a chocolate log cake.... Figured I might as well decorate the cake with them since I made them... AND I also put some in a wrapper to go! =]

Hope you didn't wait too long, or thought I disappeared. Enjoy!


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