Sunday, March 24, 2013

Emerald City Comic Con 2013

A quick taste of what I saw and did at Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle)

My favorite donut stand, I litterally sniffed it out the first time I went to Seattle.

Pikes Place.... this is where they yell and throw fish!

Fresh donuts = a bag of pure happiness!

The view from the table

This is the GUM WALL in Seattle, it is one of the MOST unsanitary tourist attractions in the states.... so naturally we went.

One of these pieces of gum is mine... I didn't touch anything but my gum, then used hand sanitizer. hahaha I also like the gummy bear stuck in the gum.

Bacon-Maple donuts! Freshly made... nom.

These were all the Bacon-Maple donuts they had for the day, the donuts on the far left are just bacon.

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