Saturday, July 28, 2012


Yes that's right. I said it... Pizza glorious pizza!!! I finally made it just for you. It was a very popular request... Only thing is, since I love pizza so much I want to make a million different kinds... Sooo I made as many different ones as I could BUT if you don't see the slice you like... Just let me know and I'll happily make another! I even made a veggie slice! These are EARRINGS!!! Are you as excited as me!? ...yes, yes you are. How do I know you ask? BECAUSE YOU CAN HAVE PIZZA EVERYDAY that's how I know!



Pepperoni, black olives, bell pepper... one of my personal favorites <3 I could eat this all day long!
Pepperoni and black olives YUM!
PEPPERONI! a classic... awwww yeah pepperoni
These are my Veggie slices! The lighting is bad so they look a bit off from real life... I'll have better pictures up on my etsy, so don't you worry vegetarians! This is a Mushroom, black olive and bell pepper pizza... also super delicious. Is anyone else getting hungry?
Okay so this is my absolute FAVORITE PIZZA EVER: Pepperoni, mushroom, bell pepper and black olives.... oooooh so good!
This is the VERY FIRST PIZZA I EVER MADE 0.o ...After making this I figured out how to make the cheese, cheesier; and the crust, crustier. Trail and error is the way to go, can't get any where if you don't learn from your mistakes. The toppings for this first go are: Pepperoni, black olives, bell pepper, and Italian sausage!

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