Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Descent into MADNESS.

Hello everyone.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I, being the klutz that I am, tripped on my foot and broke my camera when I was at comic con. Yes I know that was a while ago but, I'm an artist and I'm still learning how to get everything done on time. (Hopefully I can borrow a camera from someone in my family.)

Which brings me to my next challenge.

This December starting tomorrow the 1st, I'll be posting a cookie a day.(If you follow my brother the FAMOUS Justin Orr of JUSSCOPE -as seen on tv's Conan O'Brien... you might remember 'may post a day' this is my ode to our families eccentricities.) Yes, that means I'll be baking every day and posting what I make! For me Christmas means cookies and sending a few off in care packages. If YOU have a favorite cookie you want to see or want to know more about, email me! ( IF I post a cookie you like and you want to ask me some questions, feel free. This month I'm going to go cookie insane and lucky for you I'm going to be sharing my insanity.

AND if you happen to know me you can come pick some up from the house ^.^

Getting ready to offically loose my mind,


  1. my addres is 12030 Rnglish Turn Dr
    Silver Spring, Md. 20904
    I will be expecting something in the mail soon as well as some polymer art if it is not asking to much !!!...Auntie Abba
    Love your cookies and you too : )))))

  2. haha no problem I'll send some your way =]