Monday, July 20, 2009

Screening of SILK

I recently got into silk screening here is the process of what can be done in one night... Were going to go from the bottom up are ya ready kids? The picture of two skulls on the bottom is a rough draft and a final draft of what I want to put on my screen. I used a process which is basically like making a positive directly on my screen. The next picture is getting the placement of the skull right with the design in the background. The third picture is actually with the majority of the print done I have put down a yellow background, on top of that I put down the green boarders and last would be the skull blob in purple. In silk screening you have to work backwards with the colors, light to dark. The next picture is of the drying rack which is holding my prints ^.^ The second to last picture is the final color on top of the skull in red.... and the very last picture is my image melting off the screen... time for a new print.


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